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shoes on a power line

Due to the dodginess of my phone, the subject of this picture may be unclear. Just in case you can’t see properly, I’ll tell you that the subject of this photo is shoes. Actually, let me be more specific. The subject of this photo is two pairs of shoes. Hanging over a power line.

“How strange,” you may think. “Oh well, at least you got to see it before they got taken down.”

I’m sorry, misguided visitor. This is no isolated incident. All over my suburb, a campaign rages to throw everyone’s shoes over the power lines. Almost wherever I walk, I see these shoes tied together, hanging above the street like lynch victims. What is the purpose of this? What do the throwers achieve? You can’t tell me that they get a thrill from throwing shoes around like this!

The abundance of high-flying shoes in my neighbourhood leaves me to ponder one (important) question, though. Is this actually a massive thing worldwide that I must have been living under a rock to miss, or is it just my suburb being weird and wonderful as always?


Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve learned that you don’t have to leave your suburb to find something new. Two weeks ago, finding myself overwhelmingly bored with my life, I was all set to uproot myself and buy a cheap plane ticket to somewhere new and exotic. But then I remembered that I have no money, nor a job, nor a passport, and I’m only fifteen, and I have school to go to, and SACs to do, and I’d have to pick up the courage to go alone, since I’d never find anyone to accompany me. As you can see, my plan was crumbling all around me. Losing hope, I thought, “Well, at the very least, I can see the wonderful, exotic sights of… my suburb.”

This doesn’t sound very exotic, I know. Even I was discouraged. But that was before I encountered the strangeness of Johnston St ((Which is not actually called “Johnston St”, but for privacy purposes we’re going to assume that it is, OK?)). I ventured down that street once, and never again — there’s just something about a street in which large, muscular men walk around carrying axes that unsettles me. Read More »