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Today I faced a great and seemingly insurmountable challenge in my quest for happy, easy typing. In one of my classes, I faced a terrible horror: a QWERTY keyboard. On the bright side, I was able to evaluate whether or not it really was possible to be fluent in both Dvorak and QWERTY. On the even brighter side, it made me realise that I definitely made the right choice in switching over.

At first, typing on QWERTY after a week of uninterrupted typing on Dvorak was painful. Read More »


Being impulsive and skilled at procrastination as I am, I decided this morning1 to switch my keyboard layout over to Dvorak for left-handers. I was persuaded to do this by some vile, callous individual who had left a link to the Dvorak zine. If I recall correctly, they carelessly left this link lying around in a Dvorak advocacy thread on a forum. (I mean, really! How dare they?)

Foolishly I clicked this link and was bombarded with facts about how QWERTY was inefficient and likely to cause RSI, and how learning to type on Dvorak wouldn’t make me “forget” how to type on QWERTY. Hook, line and sinker! Realising that Windows made it obscenely easy for me to switch over to Dvorak2, and that it offered left-handed Dvorak (which had to be good for me considering my left-handedness, right?), I switched over right away. And moved all the keys around on my laptop. I have to say I was amazed by the levels of cat fur wedged under my keys. What does my cat do, use them to scratch her back?!

It was then I remembered all the actual typing I wanted to get done today. Oops. Read More »