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This post is a continuation of the story I started yesterday. This story, in case you’ve forgotten, is about my History teacher’s dedication to the cause of “good citizenship”, and his efforts to “indoctrinate” everyone to ensure they would agree.

As I mentioned last time, I was opposed to the slideshow, the main tool of “indoctrination”. Read More »


Today I’d like to tell you a little story. It’s only really fair enough that I finally tell you this story; I’ve been referencing it like mad for the past few months and it had to be told eventually. So, today I present to you the story of how my History teacher has tried to make everyone at my school “be a good citizen”. Well, today I present to you the first half. It’s a little more than a “little story”, so part two will be posted tomorrow. Read More »

You’d think that summer holidays would give me more time to write blog entries, but apparently not — they just give me more time to procrastinate and do nothing useful. It’s been almost a week now since I’ve written anything, though, so I thought I’d update you all on some of the happenings of my life.

Firstly, my sister now wears glasses. This makes me the only person in the house without any kind of vision impairment (excluding the cat) and believe me, I am revelling in it. Whenever I see something my sister hasn’t, or even vice versa, and she tries to argue with me about it, all I have to say is, “Are you sure you can trust your impaired vision?” Then she grumbles and sometimes threatens to impair my vision for me. It’s really fun. Read More »