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Wednesday morning, I had a Psychology exam. It went well, except for area of study one question one (which is ostensibly the easiest question in the entire short-answer section), which as usual I managed to completely overthink until I had written the wrong answer. Keep in mind there were only two possible answers. And I’d written the correct one originally but crossed it out. So you know, it was irritating to know I’d already lost two marks for such an easy question. But that’s not actually what this entry is about.

Because it was exam week, I had no more commitments for the rest of the day after my Psych exam. That left me free to attend a rally on the steps of Parliament House. I’m embarrassingly ignorant of state affairs a lot of the time, but I was aware of the protesters’ concerns and volunteered to go with my dad. So I went.

It wasn’t the kind of protest that would attract a lot of attention. Read More »