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Whenever I begin to feel disheartened because our politicians are being deceptive (and worse still, being believed), I know I only have to look as far as our “great and powerful friends” to understand that actually, I have a pretty good deal here. US politicians don’t even bother to supply their citizens with believable lies; they feed them whatever garbage they feel like and, remarkably, get by. An example from a few days ago features Condoleezza Rice, their Secretary of State, giving a press conference in which she felt the need to justify the Iraq War.

As an International Studies student, I have spent the last week investigating the Iraq War, and I can tell immediately that what Ms Rice is saying is a load of garbage. I sincerely hope that everyone else can see this, too. I’m feeling a bit lazy today, and I’m not going to write a well-formed, essay-type entry on this. Instead, I’m going to point out the inaccuracies in this article. Read More »