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Whenever I begin to feel disheartened because our politicians are being deceptive (and worse still, being believed), I know I only have to look as far as our “great and powerful friends” to understand that actually, I have a pretty good deal here. US politicians don’t even bother to supply their citizens with believable lies; they feed them whatever garbage they feel like and, remarkably, get by. An example from a few days ago features Condoleezza Rice, their Secretary of State, giving a press conference in which she felt the need to justify the Iraq War.

As an International Studies student, I have spent the last week investigating the Iraq War, and I can tell immediately that what Ms Rice is saying is a load of garbage. I sincerely hope that everyone else can see this, too. I’m feeling a bit lazy today, and I’m not going to write a well-formed, essay-type entry on this. Instead, I’m going to point out the inaccuracies in this article. Read More »


Bush says he gave up golf in August 2003, out of respect for the Americans killed in Iraq. What a noble gesture! It’s good to know that while young Americans are sacrificing their lives for your misguided war, you’ve matched their sacrifice by retiring your golf clubs. It’s the little things like this that make you the president you are.