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I know I’ve missed the Chrome-rambling bandwagon by several months. Everything that can be said about Google Chrome has probably already been said, and probably a thousand times over. Luckily (or unluckily, as it may be) for you, I have not read any of those thousands of articles (except the ones about the original TOS; I did read those) and will approach my whining completely unaffected by such comments.

I’ve been using Google Chrome for the past few weeks, after several years of being a devoted Firefox user. I do like Firefox, but there comes a point at which even my lazy self won’t tolerate having all my preferences wiped at random when my laptop crashes. It crashes every day! My preferences didn’t get wiped every day, but even if they were only wiped 5% of the time, that’s once every three weeks. It simply wouldn’t do.

In the hope that Google Chrome would more reliably store my settings, I decided to try it out. I haven’t decided whether or not it’s an acceptable replacement for Firefox (I haven’t even set it as my default browser), but in certain regards it’s much better. It has not once deleted all my preferences, for instance. Unfortunately, there are also ways in which it really does not match up… Read More »


A few days ago I was reading the government’s original “Plan for Cyber-Safety“, apparently dating back to the election campaign, and all the concerning things contained within. The best place to start commenting on it, I suppose, is at the central theme of Labor’s plan. I know this is the central theme, because they repeated it in big letters inside a coloured box. At any rate, this is it:

Labor considers that, just as we teach Australian children about the risks of drink driving, we must also teach them how to be responsible cyber-citizens and about the importance of cyber-safety.

Read More »

The Federal Government is planning to monitor the Internet, including blogs, to hunt down those who’ve been critical of them.

Admittedly, the article may be biased; they haven’t mentioned why our glorious government thinks blog monitoring is a good idea in the first place. Let’s be fair: they may have a perfectly good, valid, reason. Now let’s be realistic: that is probably not the case.

We already have the Internet censorship scheme that our government swears is going ahead. We already have the issue that the government is blocking Wikileaks for being too critical of censorship. And now we find that the government is planning to monitor blogs.

Shouldn’t we be caring more than we are?