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I haven’t yet written about the insane people who made up my International Studies class. Now that I’ve received my study score for the subject, I figure it’s a good time. My classmates are a hilariously mad bunch, and probably worth an entry. From their strange love of guns to their seemingly pointless arguments, they are endlessly entertaining. So, why not write about them? Read More »


My study score for International Studies is 37. Which is good. Not fantastic, not awe-inspiring, not amazing, but still pretty good. If I can do that well in all my other subjects, I’ll get into the course I want with ease, anyway.

Approx. 6hrs from now, the VCE results will be released. This includes my International Studies study score, which I naturally want to see. Unfortunately, I do not remember my student number. I know the only digits in it were 0, 2, 4 and 8, but apart from that? Um. I might just have to wait for the postman (and mine is notoriously lazy)…