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Thought I’d add something so this place isn’t neglected for too long. Right now I have this amazingly irritating illness of some kind which is infuriating me. Over the weekend I could hardly move due to dizziness. I COULD move, from about one chair to another chair, but once I HAD moved I’d be stuck there for ages recuperating. I got stuck watching almost a whole documentary on the plight of British Columbian salmon this way. It was kind of a sad documentary actually, because there was all this dramatic music and slow-motion replays of eagles snatching salmon out of some river, and seeing as I didn’t care about the plight of the salmon, it was really lost on me. Actually, the bizarre counter-productive way in which those salmon evolved (they have to swim upstream a river… in which water levels are too low to be traversable except during occasional floods… and can’t stop any earlier because they’ll throw a fit if they don’t lay their eggs in the EXACT SPOT they were born?) meant that I cheered on all the salmon’s predators in their quest to aid the cause of natural selection. Yep.

I thought I was slowly recovering from that illness. By Monday morning I could move around relatively freely, so I was able to go to school. This was a good thing, because I had two SACs this week that had to be done this week on pain of a $40 fine from VCAA. So I did them. But I think my illness got worse. Read More »


When I stand up, I am dizzy. At all times, I am tired. I cough obscenely often. My throat scratches. My nose is blocked. I think I may be losing my voice. Walking home from school today was a challenge. So was finishing my 1,000 word essay fifteen minutes before the History class in which it was due. And trying to understand “Regional Relationships: Asia”. In summary, my sister needs to learn to just STAY AWAY from me when she’s sick.