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Yesterday my little sister did something I thought was rather strange. She was typing a comment to someone on the internet and used the word “colour”, since she was talking about graphics. Then she mused, “No, these are Americans, I might as well simplify everything and use American English,” and deleted the U.

For a while I was dumbfounded. “What?!”

“Well, seeing as they’re all Americans, I thought I’d make everyone’s lives easier and just spell words their way.”

I spent the next ten minutes explaining that:

  1. Americans are going to understand what the word “colour” means just fine, even if they don’t spell the word that way.
  2. No, it is not even going to take them a second to “translate” the word. Do we need a second to translate the word “color”? No? Then they won’t either (unless they’re really, really sheltered I guess).
  3. It is actually MORE bother to type “colour” then go back and delete the U, than simply to leave it there. And it doesn’t save the Americans any bother either, because as points #1 and #2 state, they’re going to know what the word means.
  4. She didn’t even know the person she was typing the comment to was American. She was only guessing. For all she knew, this person came from one of the multitude of countries in which “colour” is spelt with a U, and then her efforts would have been completely counter-productive.

My sister was unimpressed and eventually retorted, “Why do you even care?!” Hmm. Good question.

I replied, “Because you’re not being very patriotic!”

…then she gigglesnorted at the idea that I would care about others’ lack of patriotism. Read More »


I have spent half my holidays, by my admittedly exaggerated estimate, being bossed around by my bossy grandmother. If you have a really good memory, you might recall that several weeks ago, I said I would rather learn to sew than go clothes shopping ever again. I said this in places besides my blog, and of course, my grandmother found out.

I understand that my grandma is simply really excited that I am expressing an interest in her favourite hobby. (Well, one of them.) What she doesn’t seem to understand is that there’s no deadline. Read More »

You’d think that summer holidays would give me more time to write blog entries, but apparently not — they just give me more time to procrastinate and do nothing useful. It’s been almost a week now since I’ve written anything, though, so I thought I’d update you all on some of the happenings of my life.

Firstly, my sister now wears glasses. This makes me the only person in the house without any kind of vision impairment (excluding the cat) and believe me, I am revelling in it. Whenever I see something my sister hasn’t, or even vice versa, and she tries to argue with me about it, all I have to say is, “Are you sure you can trust your impaired vision?” Then she grumbles and sometimes threatens to impair my vision for me. It’s really fun. Read More »