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I was trying to work out the cause of the “bloggers’ block” I’ve been experiencing here for the past few months. It’s not a lack of time, even though I could easily use that as an excuse. It’s not a lack of material — I now have fourteen drafts I haven’t finished, and sure three of them are the same topic, but that still leaves twelve topics I could have written about but didn’t.

It’s not entirely due to a lack of motivation. Sometimes I get very motivated to write about something (see the three entries on one topic thing) but much as I try and try I can never get an entry I’m happy with. There’s always something wrong with it. When I try to correct that mistake I find another; when I try correcting them both a third one pops up that I can’t fix without restoring one of the first two. It’s like programming but worse because it’s not. I’m just writing and somehow I can’t get it right. Read More »


Again, I’ve left an unacceptably large gap between blog entries — eleven days. That’s an even larger gap than the seven days I called unacceptably large last time. The problem is something I like to call “blog entry ADD” (or at least, for the purposes of this entry we will say I like to call it that). It’s not that I have nothing to write about. It’s that I can’t concentrate long enough to finish an entry on the one topic.

This is what I’ve been doing for most of the last eleven days. Read More »

When you write a new blog entry, how do you decide what to write? And how do you decide how to write it?

I’m sure everyone does this differently, and it’d be interesting to hear some answers. As for myself, I usually write when I’m feeling inspired. Read More »