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My name is Jessica, although I am also known as Jess. I’m a sixteen-year-old Melburnian, a year twelve student, and someone who takes a lot of interest in the world around me.

This site you’ve stumbled upon is my blog. Here I write about anything that captures my attention long enough to write about it, be it an episode of my life, commentary on the news, or commentary on something “miscellaneous”. When I write, I try to ensure that the entry is interesting or entertaining to people wandering by, but this blog’s primary purpose is to be a place where I can dump my thoughts.

When I write about politics or other issues, it’s useful to keep in mind that I’m probably biased, because if I didn’t have an opinion I wouldn’t be writing. I write these entries to talk about the issues I care about and explain why I think what I do. Well, and sometimes I just want to poke fun at something, but mostly it’s about the issues. I believe very strongly in freedom (you will immediately grasp this if you read my entries); I am not even remotely nationalistic; I distrust powerful individuals like politicians and corporate bosses.

As for when I write about my life, it may be useful to know that I’m in my final year of high school, finishing my VCE, and studying mostly the humanities. Next year I hope to be studying a Bachelor of Arts (Global) at Monash, so majoring in International Studies — but next year is a long way away! Additionally, I live with my family (consisting of my dad, mum and little sister) and our much-beloved cat.

Comments are welcome, even on old entries, and even if you disagree with me. I don’t edit comments, except in cases of broken HTML, incorrect links, and so on. Especially if you disagree with me, there’s a fair chance I’ll reply, but you’ll have to keep checking back to see if I have, because I don’t think WordPress will notify you. I mean to do comment-backs but I’m forgetful and somewhat shy, so I never seem to get around to it.

If you’re wondering about this blog’s name and what it means — which is understandable — it’s simply the initials of my name, spelt out. JLS becomes jay el ess, which in turn becomes jayeless. As such it’s pronounced as three syllables, but I won’t throw a fit if you pronounce it as two (“jaye less”). However, please don’t spell it wrongly to reflect your wrong pronunciation, because that’s kind of annoying.

That’s about all I’ll write here, at least for now. I hope you enjoy reading my blog!


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