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Thought I’d add something so this place isn’t neglected for too long. Right now I have this amazingly irritating illness of some kind which is infuriating me. Over the weekend I could hardly move due to dizziness. I COULD move, from about one chair to another chair, but once I HAD moved I’d be stuck there for ages recuperating. I got stuck watching almost a whole documentary on the plight of British Columbian salmon this way. It was kind of a sad documentary actually, because there was all this dramatic music and slow-motion replays of eagles snatching salmon out of some river, and seeing as I didn’t care about the plight of the salmon, it was really lost on me. Actually, the bizarre counter-productive way in which those salmon evolved (they have to swim upstream a river… in which water levels are too low to be traversable except during occasional floods… and can’t stop any earlier because they’ll throw a fit if they don’t lay their eggs in the EXACT SPOT they were born?) meant that I cheered on all the salmon’s predators in their quest to aid the cause of natural selection. Yep.

I thought I was slowly recovering from that illness. By Monday morning I could move around relatively freely, so I was able to go to school. This was a good thing, because I had two SACs this week that had to be done this week on pain of a $40 fine from VCAA. So I did them. But I think my illness got worse.

I currently have this unbearable, implacable cough. It’s like I’m trying to cough up something, but that “something” is every internal organ in my torso. Once I start coughing, it’s virtually impossible for me to stop. I have to brace my whole body, tensing every muscle I have, to force myself not to cough (or breathe). It’s painful. I haven’t slept well because I keep waking up and coughing in the night, leading to coughing fits and the like. I haven’t eaten well because I feel nauseous and for several days I lost almost all sense of taste.

This cough seems only to be getting worse, so I’ll have to see a doctor tomorrow, not go to school. But my SACs are done with anyway, so I don’t have to feel guilty. I hope I did well on them but to be honest, right this second I care more about getting over this illness.



  1. Aww I do hope you’re feeling lots better by now. I tend to forget how amazing it is to be perfectly healthy when I am but I was just sick 2 weeks ago so I know what you mean!

    I live in Seattle and we have SO many places to watch the salmon swimming upstream… I’ve heard so much about it and I’ve always thought why it was so necessary to lay their eggs in the same spot! I mean, I know the answer but maybe they just shouldn’t leave the place they were born then??

    • I know, those fish are very strange! The documentary said something like, the salmon can’t eat in fresh water, which is why they have to go out to the sea, but their eggs can’t survive in salt water, which is why they return to the rivers to lay eggs. I still thought it was the stupidest way for a species to evolve that I’d ever heard of, and that salmon pretty much deserves to go extinct.

      I am feeling better, but not 100% yet. I seriously wish the recovery process would hurry up, though.

  2. Hope you’re feeling better, particularly since it’s now holidays. I’d say that there was nothing worse than being sick on holidays, but we both know that that would be just irresponsible hyperbole. Still, it’s crappy being sick on holidays…

    • It’s crappy being sick whenever you’re sick, I think. I really can’t think of any time where I’ve gone, “Oh yay, I was so frustrated being healthy, and now I don’t have to put up with breathing through my nose, being able to sleep at night, speaking in a normal voice, or any other bugbear of the uninfected body! Excitement!” Except perhaps in a sarcastic sense.

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