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I haven’t actually meant to go 2+ weeks without updating this thing. Believe it or not I’ve actually worked on four drafts in that time, I just never got anywhere close to finishing any of them. Actually, I got pretty close to finishing one of them, but it was too long and not as interesting as it should have been to justify its length, so I didn’t write a conclusion and I didn’t post it. That’s the way it is.

I’ve been kind of busy with schoolwork recently. I mean, not so busy that I couldn’t have written an entry. I could probably have written an entry every day if I’d had the inclination. It’s not like there’s any shortage of things to whinge about. My Chinese Revolutions coursebook in which half the dates are wrong and some of the questions asked are ridiculous (“What new words have you learned this week? Write them and their definitions.”), my laptop which has suddenly decided to hate me, making progress on last year’s NaNoWriMo effort only to get distracted again, people’s disproportionate and irrational fear of swine flu…

The problem is that none of those topics are really inspiring me right now.

Study-wise, I’m currently dividing my attention between two main, uh, projects. The first is preparation for my Psychology exam, which is seven days away, which will make up 33% of my final score in the subject, and which seems relatively easy (at least in comparison to the stretched-for-time madness of International Studies last year!) so I’m not stressing. The second is my Philosophy assignment. I have to present modern views on an aspect of “the good life” that interests me, so obviously I chose the issue of the extent to which a good life is one spent obeying the state. This assignment alternates between fascinating me and infuriating me. My aspect is just a little too broad. Everyone else is talking about one modern view. I’m talking about at least five, because there are so many different extents to which people think other people need to be obedient. I suppose technically I could focus on the more interesting half of the spectrum, but it doesn’t feel particularly fair to criticise the hell out of statism while letting my own point of view escape analysis. And obviously I’m all about fairness.

I’ve also had some irritating illness for over a week now. It’s not swine flu. People keep asking me this, but no matter how often they ask, it will not suddenly become swine flu just because the media and the government work together to blow it increasingly out of proportion. It’s just a cold. I think. At any rate, not swine flu.

Anyway, I’ll see if I can post some entries in the near future. Maybe I’ll write one on my Philosophy assignment, since even writing this entry I had to restrain myself from rambling (well, ranting) about it. We’ll see.


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