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Monthly Archives: June 2009

I know I’ve missed the Chrome-rambling bandwagon by several months. Everything that can be said about Google Chrome has probably already been said, and probably a thousand times over. Luckily (or unluckily, as it may be) for you, I have not read any of those thousands of articles (except the ones about the original TOS; I did read those) and will approach my whining completely unaffected by such comments.

I’ve been using Google Chrome for the past few weeks, after several years of being a devoted Firefox user. I do like Firefox, but there comes a point at which even my lazy self won’t tolerate having all my preferences wiped at random when my laptop crashes. It crashes every day! My preferences didn’t get wiped every day, but even if they were only wiped 5% of the time, that’s once every three weeks. It simply wouldn’t do.

In the hope that Google Chrome would more reliably store my settings, I decided to try it out. I haven’t decided whether or not it’s an acceptable replacement for Firefox (I haven’t even set it as my default browser), but in certain regards it’s much better. It has not once deleted all my preferences, for instance. Unfortunately, there are also ways in which it really does not match up… Read More »


If you’ve been living under such an awesomely powerful soundproof rock the last two days that you haven’t managed to hear about Michael Jackson’s death, please tell me where this rock is and how much I have to pay to borrow it from you.

I’m so sick of hearing about him. He died yesterday morning, my time, so I first heard about his death on the radio. I listen to the radio for the music, not for inane celebrity chatter nor for ads, and the sudden news of Michael Jackson’s death lead to, it seemed, all music being pulled from the radio. Except music by Michael Jackson. But even that was played only sparingly.

Pretty much the entire Internet seemed ablaze with Michael Jackson discussion, and seemingly none of the 100+ people I saw whining about this death seemed to realise they weren’t being very original. Read More »

Thought I’d add something so this place isn’t neglected for too long. Right now I have this amazingly irritating illness of some kind which is infuriating me. Over the weekend I could hardly move due to dizziness. I COULD move, from about one chair to another chair, but once I HAD moved I’d be stuck there for ages recuperating. I got stuck watching almost a whole documentary on the plight of British Columbian salmon this way. It was kind of a sad documentary actually, because there was all this dramatic music and slow-motion replays of eagles snatching salmon out of some river, and seeing as I didn’t care about the plight of the salmon, it was really lost on me. Actually, the bizarre counter-productive way in which those salmon evolved (they have to swim upstream a river… in which water levels are too low to be traversable except during occasional floods… and can’t stop any earlier because they’ll throw a fit if they don’t lay their eggs in the EXACT SPOT they were born?) meant that I cheered on all the salmon’s predators in their quest to aid the cause of natural selection. Yep.

I thought I was slowly recovering from that illness. By Monday morning I could move around relatively freely, so I was able to go to school. This was a good thing, because I had two SACs this week that had to be done this week on pain of a $40 fine from VCAA. So I did them. But I think my illness got worse. Read More »