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Ironically, right after I posted that last entry in which I talked about needing to post more, I lost pretty much all the posting time I had. Last Sunday night, I had to do a ton of Philosophy work. On Monday, English; Tuesday, English again. Wednesday, I had to finish my History SAC (part A), and study for Psychology. Didn’t actually end up studying for Psychology because History took so long, but I managed. Thursday night I had to sleep to compensate for the many hours of lost sleep I’d had that week, but I didn’t actually get that much sleep and spent way too much of the night tossing and turning. Friday morning reminded me of how much I can like English, and then I had to go on a crappy excursion in which I had to carry two heavy bags around for five hours straight — hurting my shoulder — and suffer through Victoria Police evidently trying to mesmerise me — that or trying to induce epileptic seizures (who gave them permission to set up their bright, rapidly-flashing lights directly in front of the escalators??).

This week I have a Philosophy SAC, an English SAC and I have to hang out at school Tuesday night because my English teacher persuaded me to help her at Open Night with some sob story about how all the other English teachers abandoned her. I also have to do just over two weeks of History work in order to be caught up with the damn course, since I am NEVER motivated to submit my History work on time and my school is happy to make excuses for me. But once I’ve done all of that, maybe I’ll have time to relax and try and stay on top of History and do my Geography assignment. Oh yeah, and my Geography teacher hates me because I’m “inconsiderate of others” and set a bad example for the class by not respecting his authority. First I heard of this was when he told MY DAD. He has since inspired me, through sheer arrogance, to do a better job of disrespecting his authority. So there!

Aside from all of that, I’m kind of miffed because tomorrow is a Monday. Sure, I have to go to school and attend double Geography and, to add insult to injury, do a Philosophy SAC, but the real reason I’m miffed is just that it reminds me of who I want to fight with but don’t because I’m not brave enough. Monday is the day of the week I’m in the same room as this person for long enough for them to taunt me. Thursday is the day of the week that I could be in the same room as them for long enough to fight back, but I never go. If I went I’d feel obliged to speak to them. Before speaking to them I’d want to prepare. I never prepare because then I’d have to speak to them. The reason speaking to them is such a horrible idea is because I know it’ll inspire more taunting, and that’s what I want to get away from! And so I fall further behind in History…

Sorry for the disjointed, slightly cryptic entry. When I can think of something better to say I’ll probably retract this one. But for now, I just felt like rambling, and since I hadn’t posted here in a while…



  1. You should also be miffed that we’re not getting a compensatory Anzac Day holiday, like the rest of the country.

    Sounds as though you’ve been very busy! Hope the workload is under control.

    I like the “Possibly related posts”. Very comforting to know that Tuesday morning is the most stressful time of the week. I’m trying to figure out how “Dylan Thomas” came up. As for the Beslan School Siege…

    • I thought only WA got the holiday! If everyone else got it too, that’s really not cool.

      The workload’s fine… ish. Right now I’m irritated with my Geography teacher for making us sit in the middle of a FIELD in the FREEZING COLD to DRAW PICTURES (!!!) but other than that, my only problem is continued lack of motivation to do any History work whatsoever. All I have to do to finish week 8 is analyse Lafayette’s involvement in the French Revolution, but I just don’t feel like researching Lafayette… and with no classes, there’s no one to force me! Yet.

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