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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Ironically, right after I posted that last entry in which I talked about needing to post more, I lost pretty much all the posting time I had. Last Sunday night, I had to do a ton of Philosophy work. On Monday, English; Tuesday, English again. Wednesday, I had to finish my History SAC (part A), and study for Psychology. Didn’t actually end up studying for Psychology because History took so long, but I managed. Thursday night I had to sleep to compensate for the many hours of lost sleep I’d had that week, but I didn’t actually get that much sleep and spent way too much of the night tossing and turning. Friday morning reminded me of how much I can like English, and then I had to go on a crappy excursion in which I had to carry two heavy bags around for five hours straight — hurting my shoulder — and suffer through Victoria Police evidently trying to mesmerise me — that or trying to induce epileptic seizures (who gave them permission to set up their bright, rapidly-flashing lights directly in front of the escalators??). Read More »


I was trying to work out the cause of the “bloggers’ block” I’ve been experiencing here for the past few months. It’s not a lack of time, even though I could easily use that as an excuse. It’s not a lack of material — I now have fourteen drafts I haven’t finished, and sure three of them are the same topic, but that still leaves twelve topics I could have written about but didn’t.

It’s not entirely due to a lack of motivation. Sometimes I get very motivated to write about something (see the three entries on one topic thing) but much as I try and try I can never get an entry I’m happy with. There’s always something wrong with it. When I try to correct that mistake I find another; when I try correcting them both a third one pops up that I can’t fix without restoring one of the first two. It’s like programming but worse because it’s not. I’m just writing and somehow I can’t get it right. Read More »

A few days ago I was reading the government’s original “Plan for Cyber-Safety“, apparently dating back to the election campaign, and all the concerning things contained within. The best place to start commenting on it, I suppose, is at the central theme of Labor’s plan. I know this is the central theme, because they repeated it in big letters inside a coloured box. At any rate, this is it:

Labor considers that, just as we teach Australian children about the risks of drink driving, we must also teach them how to be responsible cyber-citizens and about the importance of cyber-safety.

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