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I’ve left a longer period of time between entries than I usually like to leave. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, we had a huge heatwave last week. The media called it “unprecedented”. We had three consecutive days above 43°C (approx. 110°F), and I couldn’t think in that weather, let alone write! Then I had to prepare for school, and then I actually had to go to school. It’s because I went to school that I can deliver this pressing news.

This exclusive news is, someone in my school is working hard to screw me over this year. I have a couple of reasons to think this.

The first is, I am somehow in two homerooms. Every morning, I am required to be in two completely different rooms, simultaneously. Since I’m bound by the laws of physics, I can’t actually pull this one off. Therefore, no matter which room I go to, I will always be marked as absent from the other one. Every single day! All year!

The second goes as follows. I am trying to study History this year. I studied it last year at school, but since four people is only enough for a class when the class is Chemistry, I have to study it through correspondence this year. Or rather, I’m trying to. Last year, my vice-principal put me in Further Maths rather than recognising History as a subject. This year, I found that I’d been taken off the Maths list… and promptly put into Legal Studies.

I asked the “senior school coordinator” why I’m suddenly in Legal Studies when I shouldn’t be, and she replied, “I chose that subject for you on purpose! I knew you were going to nag me about it.” What? Is that the methodology coordinators should use to pick their students’ subjects? And is it a good enough reason to deny students the right to choose their own subject?

She explained that in actuality, I was only in Legal Studies until she confirmed I was in History. This turned out to be just the problem. I’m actually not in History — and nor, in fact, is anyone at my school enrolled in any of the correspondence courses they signed up for. My super-organised school forgot to send the forms off, and then promptly lost them. This means that I am in Legal Studies for the foreseeable future.

Only two days into the school year, my school has screwed me over twice. If not for that, the start of my school year would have been pretty good.



  1. love the title!!!
    i started school just monday and i’m ready for summer vacation!!
    school screws me over all the time. Sometimes my schedule gets messed up and other things go wrong. Just today, despite the fact that it was only second day of school, i got points off for leaving my textbook in my locker. True, my fault! But common, it’s just the second day! We need some time to breathe!!!!

  2. lol…that school always screwing us over


  3. How did they manage to screw up your schedule THAT much and put you in two homerooms?! I swear, everything in school is working against me too. Good luck to us!

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