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The fact that you’re seeing this post means that the transition has — I think — gone smoothly. I moved over all of my posts, and all of your comments. I corrected all the links I could find, re-uploaded all the images I had to, deleted all the useless posts (like the archives page), retracted some more posts (just self-pitying boring ones no one would want to read anyway), and did a lot of maintenance work like that. And now I’ve finished! Pretty much. There are a couple more things I could correct if I had the motivation, but right now, I don’t.

I also worked out how to implement a permanent redirect, so from now until the 20th, all links on the old site will automatically redirect to links here. After that, they’ll just be broken links.

The reason for the move is that my site has been hosted since 2005 by a generous friend of mine. However, she’s lost interest in web design (and moved her blog to ages ago), and is letting her domain and hosting expire. She let me know yesterday, so I did everything then before I found a way to procrastinate.

I miss the freedoms the old site allowed me — being able to alter themes and have plugins — but isn’t too bad. I do wish it had more variety in themes. Oh, and I also wish I could delete useless revisions! No, I do not need to preserve a copy of that version of the post where the image link was broken. Why do you think I do, WordPress?

Anyway. I’ll finish rambling here. The idea was just to let people know what was happening, which I think I’ve achieved. Now to eat!



  1. Haha
    Wordpress isn’t too bad. It’s definitely annoying at times but once you get the hang of it, it should be okay 🙂

    • The old blog ran on WordPress too, so I’m used to it. I’m not used to the lack of flexibility on this site, though. 😦 I mean, no custom CSS at all? Even LiveJournal gives me that freedom! And the fact that the tag links don’t link to my posts with that tag, but a whole bunch of random other people’s posts with that tag… and the complete lack of plugins… even the stupid “WordPress announcement” at the top of the dashboard is annoying, because I don’t know how to get rid of it!

      I’m sure I’ll get used to being constrained in this way, though. XD

  2. Ah… custom CSS. I think you can do that depending on what pre-made layout you’re using. I mean, I’m not sure because as you’ve already noticed, my blog is about as simple as you can get but I’m pretty sure I’ve noticed a feature which lets you add custom CSS. Oh, and don’t use tags! Use categories… 😉

  3. Awwe, I’m sorry. XD;; I feel bad now. But I like this premade layout! (?) If that is any comfort at all, LOL. Has it really been 4 years since the birth of! -feels old-

  4. You don’t have to feel bad! Don’t worry about it. XD was born in September 2005 (IIRC), so that’s not quite four years… but it is well over three.

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