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I know this entry is a little late, but it’s not so late as to be useless. Around this time last year, and I’m sure the year before that, I wrote a little entry summarising the year. What would I remember it for? What did I want to do over the next year? I figured I’d write a similar entry for the end of 2008, only I didn’t know what to write and ended up waiting until 2009 to say anything. Oh well.

Overall, 2008 was an enjoyable year. I started my VCE this year, so my subjects were pretty much all things I wanted to do. The only real exception to that is maths. I took maths because I felt obliged to, but (term one aside) it was the subject I dreaded most. I hated maths essays. I mean, seriously, when will I ever need to know how to write a maths essay? Who writes those? It eventually inspired me to drop the subject, so I won’t be studying any maths in 2009. Hooray!

In term one, though, the subject I dreaded most was History. I challenge you to enjoy any class in which your teacher’s hero is Adolf Hitler. She’d launch into long speeches about how she wasn’t going to contribute to the “anti-Nazi propaganda” we’d already learned. She whined that no one recognised Hitler’s “achievements” (“making Germany great”) because they were too “hung up on the Holocaust”. Furthermore, we were all forbidden to disagree with her and if we did, we got SHOUTED AT. A LOT.

I hated her so much that I actually did stuff to demonstrate my hatred. I boycotted History homework, for instance. When threatened with not being allowed to do the SAC, I simply wrote one-sentence answers like, “Because he did,” or, “Because that’s what happened.” I did not pretend that Hitler was a really great guy. I complained about the teacher to almost everyone, making sure to mention important facts like that she SCREAMED DIRECTLY INTO PEOPLE’S EARS. I wasn’t disruptive or anything, I just voiced my opinions calmly and when relevant. She told me I was too opinionated to achieve anything in History, but hey, I’m still studying it and she got the boot, so…

Perhaps obviously, from term two onwards, I had a different History teacher. A better one! He was (…is…) still kind of crazy, but in a good-humoured kind of way. I do intend to post a post about his insanity (that is, good citizenship) at some point, but not tonight.

My other subjects have generally been fun. Psychology provided many an amusing moment. From my first Psych teacher thumping the TV to make it work (successfully) to my second Psych teacher turning up in a witch’s costume to celebrate Halloween, it’s been a really fun class.

English and Geography have been complete bludges. I don’t think I did a single piece of English homework all year. That is, if you don’t include my reading journal. Easiest A+ average to maintain ever. The only time I got anything less than an A+, I’d forgotten the name of the character my entire essay was about. I still got an A. Geography was similarly easy, but even less work.

The last subject I did was International Studies. I got a study score of 37. Apparently I got an A+ on all my SACs, but ruined it with a B on the final exam. I guess I know what to improve on next year. I only had four IS classes, but they were very memorable.

I don’t remember my resolutions from last year, and I’ve lost the post in which I wrote them down. I do remember that one of them was to change the way I blogged… which I’ve done. This blog has become less a chronicle of my life, and more a chronicle of my thoughts on any random topic that comes to mind. So, I guess I achieved that resolution. I think I’m happier with my blog as it is now, too… though not totally happy.

I don’t know that I have any real resolutions for this year. If I do, they’re very vague ones. I want to do well at school, for instance. It’s my final year, and I need a good ENTER to get into the tertiary course want. I’d also like to finish that NaNoWriMo novel that I haven’t actually touched since November ended.

Blog-wise, I’d really like to write more consistently well, and more frequently. I’ve been a little sparse with the posts this month, and that’s only partially for lack of things to say. Mostly, it’s for lack of ways in which to say it. I’d like to improve on that second point.

I know I’m quite late, but happy new year, everybody!


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  1. Great summary. You definitely had an eventful year. I hope that 2009 is great! Great resolutions, too. I hope you at least achieve the blogging one so I can read more from you! Happy New Year!

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