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You’d think that summer holidays would give me more time to write blog entries, but apparently not — they just give me more time to procrastinate and do nothing useful. It’s been almost a week now since I’ve written anything, though, so I thought I’d update you all on some of the happenings of my life.

Firstly, my sister now wears glasses. This makes me the only person in the house without any kind of vision impairment (excluding the cat) and believe me, I am revelling in it. Whenever I see something my sister hasn’t, or even vice versa, and she tries to argue with me about it, all I have to say is, “Are you sure you can trust your impaired vision?” Then she grumbles and sometimes threatens to impair my vision for me. It’s really fun.

Last weekend, I went to a Christmas barbecue with some of my dad’s friends and family. My eleven-year-old cousin is taller than me, which is very sad. My eleven-year-old cousin is also argumentative, which is just annoying. I mean, I don’t mind a good argument, but there are some things you really can’t argue over. She decided that the word “fraternity” refers to both genders, not just males, and when we tried to correct her she just went, “Prove it!” We didn’t have a dictionary, so we couldn’t, and then she gloated about her “victory”. Thanks, cousin.

My auntie was also at the barbecue, and if you think you have issues with procrastination, you should read this paragraph. My auntie is a primary school teacher, and as such had to write reports for her students. She procrastinated on doing anything to do with reports until the very last weekend before the school holidays. Consequently, she was writing them at the Christmas barbecue. She got very defensive about her reports, too. She was telling me about this student she failed because he couldn’t speak English, and I said, “Oh.” Suddenly, she started snapping that failure was in his best interest and that she had the right to fail students who weren’t meeting the required standards, and so on. And I hadn’t even disputed that! I’d only said “oh”!

I got my IS results, obviously. The evening I got my results, I had to go to school and attempt to sleep through our (boring) traditional “presentation night”. I got four awards for my academic prowess, namely English, History, Geography and “academic excellence”. Sleeping didn’t work out for me, in case you were wondering; one of my History classmates was sitting behind me and decided to recite everything from the “good citizenship” slideshow. How was I supposed to sleep with that going on?

Two nights ago I was tricked into attending a religious propaganda play. I was told that my sister would be performing in it, which was true, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that it was PROPAGANDA. People sang songs about the glory of god, and prayed that the world would see the light and follow Jesus, and the message of the play was that all kindness in the world is done for Jesus. They even had their own slideshow. It sucked.

Afterwards, of course, the priest came up to me and went, “Did you enjoy the performance?” I was tempted to say that I resented the assertion that non-Christians, SUCH AS MYSELF, were incapable of morality, but I did not. No, I respected his views and I said, “Um, it was okay.” (I wasn’t going to say I loved it; that would’ve been too much of a lie.)

Yesterday I got my school report, which cracked me up. I think my History teacher deserves an award or something for reporting on my “citizenship” in addition to my progress in History. That’s going above and beyond the call of duty! Although, I am a bit concerned about this part: She could also be more accepting of other people’s point of view. That’s not fair at all! Just because I don’t agree with him doesn’t mean I don’t accept his point of view. I mean, I never forced him to change his mind. I don’t think I’ve even mocked him for his views. All I did was stick dissenting signs up all over his classrooms. I wasn’t even responsible for the signs in his office. He should get over it.

I think I’m going to have to write an entry about “good citizenship”. Not doing so would be like… well, like forgetting to mention a very important thing. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though. It’s been a week since I realised the necessity of this, and have done nothing about it. Perhaps after Christmas.


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  1. Oh man. The only person who makes fun of my vision is my friend Robin. Then, she always feels terrible for having a good laugh at my expense while I proceed to laugh my butt off. 😛

    Haha I love that your history teacher reported on your errr… citizenship. I love little sidenotes they add to the report card. Mine are always along the lines of, “Is very enthusiastic about the subject matter” or something like that. My parents must think I’m like an energizer bunny in school.

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