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One of my cats, Caper, is extremely sick right now and may be close to dying. I guess this knowledge hasn’t sunk in yet, because I’m not feeling really upset. Anxious, perhaps. Not upset.

Since October, Caper has lost a lot of weight. I’ve posted pictures of her before — in particular, look at this one and this one. See how adorably plump she was? Midway through November, Caper was much, much thinner than that. Very bony. When you tried to stroke her back, all you could feel was spine. She barely ate, and she seemed to be wasting away.

She was finally taken to the vet yesterday. Some tests were done, which she had to be unconscious for, and we were warned that she’d be drowsy that evening and possibly even the next day. It was discovered that she had a large lump in her belly, and while it could be removed in an operation, it’s too risky to do so when she’s as frail as she is.

And she is indeed very, very frail. Over twenty-seven hours after arriving home, Caper can barely walk. She can walk, but she can’t get her front paws into the right position. It’s sort of like if a human crawled using their wrists rather than their palms as front feet. She’s spent most of her time on my parents’ bed, usually with a human there to curl up against.

Tigger, our other cat, has been stunned by all the changes that have taken place. Since the two don’t get along, and since Caper has been rendered virtually immobile, we have to keep them apart. This means that Tigger is no longer allowed to sleep in some of his favourite sleeping spots (but he’s determined and keeps trying). Also, when Caper was not allowed to eat in the lead-up to the tests, that meant that Tigger also could not eat. If we’d given him food, he could have left it lying around for Caper to steal (which she does do, when she has the opportunity). Tigger obviously doesn’t understand why he suddenly faces all these outlandish restrictions, and seems pretty upset about it. He’s constantly wanting attention now.

However, most of our attention is centred on Caper. Basically, if we can get her to eat and to regain some of that weight she’s lost, the vet will be able to operate and she might survive this. However, she’s not really interested in food — not even her favourites, like bacon — and we don’t really know what we can do, other than to keep trying. We’re also trying to get her back on her feet after her trip to the vet, but it takes time.

So, um, yeah. That’s what’s been happening in my life recently. Wonderful start to the school holidays, right? Anyway, since I don’t know what more to say, have some photos of my cats:



Caper, relaxing in front of her favourite heater.

Caper, relaxing in front of her favourite heater.

Caper, still relaxing in front of that heater.

Caper, still relaxing in front of that heater.

A very MySpace-esque shot of Caper.

A very MySpace-esque shot of Caper.

And because he's not unloved, have a picture of Tigger!

And because he's not unloved, have a picture of Tigger!



  1. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about Caper! It’s unbelievably difficult for pet owners when their pets are sick, especially since you just want to tell the poor little thing what’s happening and what you are trying to do, but – of course – you can’t. I hope she starts to put on some weight so that she can cope with surgery.

  2. Thanks, Naomi. 🙂 I hope she puts on weight too. Unfortunately, we keep trying to feed her foods which she loves — mince, bacon, cream — and she refuses to eat it, which is worrying. She drinks lots of water, but that’s not going to help her regain weight. I don’t think the hot weather is going to help, either.

  3. Oh no! Well, I really hope she will get better soon and put on some weight and be like her normal self again sometime soon!

  4. Ahh I’m so sorry to hear about your cat! I hope that you are able to get Casper to eat so the vet can operate!

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