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Monthly Archives: December 2008

I hope the federal government likes the $130 they stole from my bank account. I neglected it specially.


You’d think that summer holidays would give me more time to write blog entries, but apparently not — they just give me more time to procrastinate and do nothing useful. It’s been almost a week now since I’ve written anything, though, so I thought I’d update you all on some of the happenings of my life.

Firstly, my sister now wears glasses. This makes me the only person in the house without any kind of vision impairment (excluding the cat) and believe me, I am revelling in it. Whenever I see something my sister hasn’t, or even vice versa, and she tries to argue with me about it, all I have to say is, “Are you sure you can trust your impaired vision?” Then she grumbles and sometimes threatens to impair my vision for me. It’s really fun. Read More »

I haven’t yet written about the insane people who made up my International Studies class. Now that I’ve received my study score for the subject, I figure it’s a good time. My classmates are a hilariously mad bunch, and probably worth an entry. From their strange love of guns to their seemingly pointless arguments, they are endlessly entertaining. So, why not write about them? Read More »