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I have to admit that I find it mildly disconcerting when my laptop starts acting of its own accord.

See, I am a bad person and I usually leave my laptop on overnight, despite all the carbon emissions I’m sure this creates. I do put it to sleep before going to bed, but still. It’s on. Perhaps this disruption to my sleep is karma’s way of saying, “Fight global warming, dammit!”

Last night, my laptop decided to magically wake itself up. Moreover, that wasn’t sufficient for it. It decided it also had to wake me up. My anti-virus program likes to tell me, with a male American voice, that “anti-virus has been updated”. So it did, at three in the morning.

I was too sleepy to realise I should teach my laptop a lesson for pissing me off in this way, so I just covered my ears with my pillow.

Grr. I guess I’ll just have to turn it off at night from now on.


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  1. Yeah, be careful with that. My charger was always plugged in and plugged onto my laptop. One day, I just noticed that the tip had melted. Oops.

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