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A good citizen writer will put down her pen for a noodle pudding. You know what, NaNoWriMo? Keep sending me stupid “pep talks” like that and I am not participating in your event again. I mean, what does that even MEAN? Good citizens eat noodle pudding? Don’t they get a choice of what to eat? What’s so great about noodle puddings?!



  1. What’s a noodle pudding?

  2. I don’t really know. I sort of assumed it was a strange kind of pudding made completely out of noodles, but thinking about it, that doesn’t sound quite right.

    Edit: Apparently it’s made from eggs and cheese as well as noodles.

  3. That’s their idea of a pep talk?

  4. There was more than that, haha. After that it was something like, “However, putting down your pen is not contributing to society. Pick it back up and contribute! Now!”

    Still, it wasn’t very motivating. 😐

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