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Monthly Archives: November 2008

This evening, my school has organised a “formal” for the year 10s and 11s. I foolishly agreed to attend this “formal” when the organisers were desperately trying to get the numbers. I promised umpteen times that I would go, I paid the deposit, I even collected the ticket (yes, without paying for it in full. I wasn’t going to complain about saving $20 now, was I?). Unfortunately, I neglected to do one thing. I neglected to buy a dress.

I have mentioned before the extent to which I really hate clothes shopping. That’s because I do. I loathe it. It’s horrible. It’s almost as bad as shoe shopping. For that reason, I procrastinated on buying a dress. It was in the back of my mind — “Hey, I really should get one of those dress things soon…” — but I couldn’t bring myself to actually go and get one.

It was yesterday I realised that the situation had turned into an emergency. Read More »


I have to admit that I find it mildly disconcerting when my laptop starts acting of its own accord.

See, I am a bad person and I usually leave my laptop on overnight, despite all the carbon emissions I’m sure this creates. I do put it to sleep before going to bed, but still. It’s on. Perhaps this disruption to my sleep is karma’s way of saying, “Fight global warming, dammit!” Read More »

A good citizen writer will put down her pen for a noodle pudding. You know what, NaNoWriMo? Keep sending me stupid “pep talks” like that and I am not participating in your event again. I mean, what does that even MEAN? Good citizens eat noodle pudding? Don’t they get a choice of what to eat? What’s so great about noodle puddings?!