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Why do the people behind WordPress feel the need to add so much crap to their software? I don’t want to recode my entire comments template… 😦 The fact that they changed the functions around to incorporate two features I don’t want or need (comment threading, comment paging) is no consolation.



  1. Yeah, it can be frustrating sometimes. I don’t use most of the features WordPress has to offer either. I guess some people do, though.

  2. I actually feel sort of ungrateful for posting this entry (however short it is!), because I am essentially complaining that something has too many features. But, I really think that considering how encouraged WordPress plugins are, a lot of these features would be better left to these plugins. (And then I wouldn’t have to recode my comments template! 😀 )

    I know users would then be unable to benefit, but I don’t see why they couldn’t let those users activate pre-approved plugins anyway. And the needs of some users on shouldn’t dictate what the rest of us get, anyway.

    /rambling that would have been better placed in an entry

  3. I don’t understand wordpress at all. I’m completely lost. I downloaded the software, but I can’t even get through the install. I have my silly blog hosted on the wordpress site now, just because it’s easy. Super simplistic, though. I thought I was halfway decent with computers, but wordpress makes me feel useless. This is psitticism, by the way. Stalking you from LJ.

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