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It’s been four days now since I cleaned up my room, and it seems that my cats are getting used to it just fine. If you’ll remember, my cats were initially unimpressed with the changes I made. “But… but that was my favourite hiding spot! You can’t do this to me!” “RAWR! I keel you, bed!” And so on.

It didn’t take long for them to change their minds. The evening after I did my big clean-out, Caper decided some serious exploration of my bedroom was in order.

(In case this entry is beginning to look suspicious, then yes, I confess! This entry is just an excuse to post lots of pictures of Caper. Cute ones, though… 😦 )


It didn’t take long for her to get stuck on top of my chest of drawers. I watched her as she climbed up — first she jumped onto the chair, then the arm of the chair, then the bed frame, then the chest of drawers. Once on the chest of drawers, of course, she didn’t know where she was supposed to go next. She wasn’t happy about me laughing and snapping photos, either — she kept meowing obnoxiously as if to say, “Put that phone away and get me down now, human!


She eventually worked out how to get down, of course, but it was a similarly slow process. She hesitated and stared at me every step of the way, probably figuring that it was demeaning to have to climb downwards all by herself and that I should have saved her the energy. Well, pfft, Caper. That’s just too bad.


So Caper sat on my bed, thinking long and hard about my bedroom’s new layout. In truth, she was thinking of only one thing: where were the best new sleeping places? And, well, she found them.


Firstly, the chair. She likes this spot because it’s easy to get to (being only a foot or so off the ground), and it’s really comfortable. The fact that its cover is made of brown carpet doesn’t seem to be a turn-off. Either she figures that it makes her look good by comparison, or she just doesn’t care. (Considering her feline status, I’m leaning towards the latter.)


Secondly, she loves sleeping on the mattress of the old bed, now perched sideways behind the frame. I think she likes this spot because it’s extremely high up off the ground, meaning that she has a good view of the goings-on across the whole room!


And sometimes, Caper prefers to be a traditionalist and just to sleep on my bed. At this time of night I think I should take it as a signal that I should probably join her, on that note I’ll post this cat photospammy entry and go to bed.



  1. Aww your cat is so cute! My cat hates when I change things in my room too. She always finds new places to sit!

  2. She is beautiful. She looks part ragdoll – the breed, not the toy. Viva el gato spam! (I don’t speak Spanish, obvs.)

  3. Aw, she’s so cute. ❤

  4. She’s is absolutley beautiful. I can’t wait to get a cat again!

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