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I made the most of the second day of the holidays — and the glorious weather on that day — by cleaning. I cleaned a lot. I hadn’t meant to when I started out. I was just trying to put some books away which were cluttering up my desk and which were never going to get read. You know, books like Stalinism and After and, uh, King Lear. Those kinds of books. But then I realised just how much else there was cluttering my desk. Empty envelopes? Information about excursions some time in April? CDs I ripped ages ago and never listen to anyway? Letter-writing sets when I don’t write letters?

In the end, I worked myself into such a cleaning frenzy that, before I knew it, I was dragging heavy items of furniture around the room to get at what lurked underneath (and believe me, you do not want to know what lurked underneath). I even managed to snap my fan in half, so I might be in for an uncomfortable summer. And, sadly, I haven’t actually finished getting rid of all the junk in my room. The frenzy passed around the time I collapsed from sheer exhaustion, and it remains to be seen when (and/or if!) it comes back.

So, my room is now revamped. It even has a chair in it now — an extremely ugly, 1970s-style brown carpet chair, but a comfortable chair with armrests (…an armrest) nonetheless! I’m happier with it. However, as for my cats — whose opinions, as we all know, are the only ones that count — this picture is roughly representative:

Caper, staring at me.

Caper, staring at me.

My cats are not really happy with all their furniture being moved around. In fact, they are extremely unhappy. Not unhappy enough to leave me alone when I’m sleeping, but unhappy enough to glare at me accusingly. Unhappy enough to walk into my room, meow at me loudly, and flounce out again. Unhappy enough — in Tigger’s case — to actually attack the bed I’m sleeping on, possibly hoping he can rip it to shreds or something so I can put the old bed back. (Sorry that I don’t have a photo of that, but I was trying to sleep at the time.)

So, here is a picture of the finished product — or, alternatively, what my room looks like now.

new bed (stickers courtesy of little sister), bedside table, ugly but comfortable 1970s chair, frame of old bed partially covered by blanket.

From left to right: new bed (stickers courtesy of little sister), bedside table, ugly but comfortable 1970s chair, frame of old bed partially covered by blanket.

Those beds used to be in the opposite positions (and they both used to be upright), so imagine how much effort was involved in moving them both! Then add to that thought that I am of extremely diminutive height and weight (meaning, when I sit on my chair and pull the lever to try and make it go down, it… doesn’t go down), and… well… I think I deserve some congratulations. A lot more than my stupid cats are giving me!

I also made some interesting discoveries while cleaning my room. For example:

  • Nestlé makes clocks. Or orders clocks from outsourced clock manufacturers in China. One or the other.
  • I have two entire folders of stamps… and I never collected stamps.
  • In grade six, I was made to write a paragraph in my planner about why participating as Ireland in our school’s “mini Olympics” ((It was 2004!)) was a GOOD THING and definitely NOT PATHETIC. (The answer? Because my teacher met his girlfriend there. Haha!)
  • The new and interesting life forms that evolve out of four-year-old popcorn.
  • My (blurry) Mondo collection, suspiciously smaller than I remember it being. (I had dozens! Why do I now only have five?!)

And, well, I discovered lots of things that enabled me to take trip after trip down memory lane. A partial record of the Dumb Druid Chronicles, which my best friend and I compiled in grade six after one too many boring SOSE classes… The grade four work in which we had to outline why we weren’t supposed to be smart to our teacher… The note that used to be stuck to my bedroom door, telling my sister that her presence was not welcome in my room… Fun things, anyway. And with my favourite music loudly blaring as well, I think I can safely say that my cleaning frenzy was not all bad.


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  1. Ahh, give me that motivation!! I really need to do a complete cleaning overhaul on my room but I haven’t had the kick to do it. Isn’t it great? Your room is so cute! You did a great job! 😀

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