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Apparently, I’m failing Maths. Since my marks are always in the top three, usually the top one, I find this fact absolutely hilarious. I’m failing because six weeks ago I didn’t hand in this assignment which my teacher never asked anyone for anyway. I finished it and all; all she had to do was ask! (I’m passing all the subjects I actually care about with flying colours, though — yippee!)



  1. Well, naughty you. 😛

  2. I’ll hand it in some time before the end of the school year.


  3. I find that hilarious, too. 🙂 I also find it interesting that to get into upper-level math for this one particular IB teacher, you have to get a 97 or higher in Trig/Analytical Geo, and for all the other teachers, a 90 is perfectly acceptable.

    I hate it when teachers never collect assignments and blame it on us. Who’s the one that assigned it? The teacher. Who’s responsible for collecting it, then? The teacher. But unfortunately, nobody here gets that.

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