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My Grandma, like many elderly people seem to be, is obsessed with chores. This is fine. How could I really complain about someone else’s love of cleaning? No, that’s not the problem at all. The problem is that she’s also obsessed with making me do chores. This is a very big problem. Grandma, I like the second bed in my room the way it is. I like it a lot. I put a lot of thought into the way it’s set out, and I don’t appreciate you rearranging it every week.

You see, Grandma thinks my bed looks the way it does because I’m lazy. It’s not there because I’m lazy, it’s there because I’m efficient. Think about it this way. If I put those items of clothing away, what will I have to do when I want to wear one of them? Oh, right, I’ll have to remember which drawer I put it in, hunt through it until I locate this item amongst the rest, and take it out again. So which is faster — putting it away and rummaging, or grabbing it in half a second because it’s right there? Yeah, I thought so.

And as for why my schoolbooks are there instead of in my schoolbag? It’s a progress meter! In my schoolbag is the work that I’ve finished, and on the bed is the work I haven’t finished. Rather than straining my memory — or grabbing my planner on the off-chance I wrote something in it — I can just look at the bed and see the homework I have left to do. And then if I feel like doing it? Wow, it’s right there, so I don’t have to hunt it down! As you can see, putting stuff on that bed is the most efficient way of doing things yet again.

Why are there clothes on the bed that need mending? Well… where else would I put them? If I put them next to the sewing machine, they’d get mixed up with the five boxes of fabric up there. If I put them in my wardrobe, I’ll make the mistake of thinking they’re wearable. If I put them in a disused drawer, I’m going to forget I even have that item of clothing. No, safer to keep them somewhere where I’ll see them every day, so I can remember this item of clothing I have that needs repairing. I certainly didn’t just leave it there after trying to change into it one day! (Well… actually I did, but that’s because Grandma put it away and I forgot it needed repairing. So I still win.)

My parents never ask me to put these things away, partially because they actually listened to my explanation for the presence of everything, but mostly because they just don’t care enough. It’s just Grandma, who only visits once a week so I don’t understand why she’s so obsessive about it. Why can’t she just accept that I’m happy with these things the way they are?


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  1. trust me, my grandma never approves of my bedroom either.

    it’s always not neat enough for her even when i am certain it is the neatest that i have seen it all year

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