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This morning afternoon, I was cooking myself breakfast when a sudden thought occurred to me. A sudden, radical thought which had never occurred to me before. And that was this: where did this food I was cooking come from? Sure, I knew that it came from the fridge, and that ultimately it came from the supermarket, but where did it ultimately ultimately come from? You know, before the supermarket? Apart from the truck? And apart from the warehouse? And apart from the other truck? From where did it originate? Although my food was frying rapidly, I just couldn’t give up on this thought. I had to find out.

Now, while I might not have been au fait with where my food came from, I did at least have two things in my favour. The first is that I was a very diligent kindergarten student, and I read all three Sesame Street books I owned. One of the things these books taught me is that all the food I ate, from milk to eggs to flour, came from a farm. Thanks to Sesame Street‘s oh-so-necessary provision of this little fact, I could be 99% certain that the food I was eating did indeed come from a farm. But where was this farm? “A farm” wasn’t enough information for me! That’s where the second piece of knowledge comes in. You see, I knew that all food packaging has printed somewhere on it the words, “Product of Whereverland”. (And I didn’t learn that from Sesame Street — I worked it out all by myself!) So, still ignoring my frying food, I decided to look at the packaging of all the components of my meal. This is what I learned:

  • the egg was not produced anywhere; it must’ve just miraculously appeared one day
  • similarly, the bread was also not produced anywhere
  • nor was the butter
  • nor even the sunflower oil I was frying the egg in
  • the only component of my breakfast which had not miraculously come into being without any outside intervention was the pepper I lightly sprinkled on top of my egg. It was a product of South Africa.

Thus, out of Woolworths and the South African pepper company, the award for the most honest corporation would go to the South African one… if not for one tiny detail. You see, the pepper wouldn’t actually tell me the name of the company which made it. So, uhh, you lose after all, Anonymous South African Pepper Company.

After that, of course, my breakfast was cooked and I abandoned my factfinding mission in favour of eating. Mm, fried food.


One Comment

  1. haha lol,

    the pepper from south africa.

    i have never been that determined to find out where what i eat comes from but i should probably set out for this mission some time.

    i could learn something new

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