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As you may have noticed, I haven’t been my normal self since WordPress 2.5.1 ate all my posts. Formerly a relatively frequent “blogger”, I have degenerated to the point where I’ve written one full-length post this month, and it was basically a transcript of what I heard on the radio! I said at the New Year that I wanted to rethink how I wrote, and that’s kind of the process I’m going through now. Despite all my thinking, though, I have no idea how I want this blog to continue.

For the five years up until this point, this blog and all its predecessors were a hodgepodge of whatever I wanted to write. In grade five, I treated it as I would a personal diary, but with strangers potentially reading it. It was only last year that I realised that the purpose of a blog isn’t really to act as a diary, even though it can be used that way; blogs are primarily around to entertain others. But how do I entertain others? What is so entertaining about me that others will fall over themselves to read my entries? Yeah, um, nothing. I’m not comedy central. I’m not a fountain of useful information. I offer no unique insight to anything. My creative writing, on the rare occasions I publish it, are not great works of literature.

I might just be being hard on myself, or I might be accurate in my assessments and need to give this whole “blogging” thing some serious consideration. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, by which I mean “since before all the entries got eaten”, I’d really appreciate a comment to say why you follow(ed) my blog, and which entries you prefer(red). If nothing else, having a few opinions will help me work out what I “should” be writing about, and in which direction I should take this hollow shell of a blog!


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