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I was awakened this morning by my radio, as I am nearly every morning. This morning, however, I was not awakened by some godawful “song” nor by a stupid ad. I was awoken by the words, “Victoria’s teachers are going to be the best-paid in the country!” This sounded like something I ought to listen to, so rather than hitting the snooze button, rolling over and going back to sleep — my usual course of action — I left the radio playing, rolled over, and listened.

“Congratulations, teachers, you won! Now there won’t have to be any strikes any more, and our children can get an uninterrupted education again!”

“So, if we have any teachers listening to us today, we’d like you to call up and tell us what YOU think of Mr Brumby’s changes. Are you happy or not?”

“Umm. Why would any of them be unhappy?”

“Well, I’m sure there’s at least one teacher in the state who’s not happy.”

“What? Do they want more money? Well, get over it, teachers, you’re the best-paid in the country now!

So, after a brief interlude of some stupid ads, a teacher was indeed speaking on the radio. “I’m very happy,” she said. “I’m a primary school teacher, and I’ve already bought the cake we’re going to celebrate with.”

“Yes… because you can afford to now, can’t you! Now, here we have a teacher… WHO IS NOT HAPPY!” A dramatic ‘dun dun dun’ sound effect went here. “So, tell us, [whatever the teacher’s name was], why aren’t you happy?”

“Well, because of teaching contracts! Yeah, great we get paid more, but I’ve been working at the same school for THREE YEARS, and I have had to reapply for my job SIX TIMES. That is, the job I ALREADY HAD, I have to reapply for it! That means updating my resumé, going to job interviews… everything! It sucks!”

“Oh… oh, well that does suck. I guess you do have a right to be angry.”

Oh, Mr Brumby. For ten minutes there, I thought you’d actually fixed things.

Brumby’s “solution” turns out not even to be a solution unless you’ve been teaching for 13 years. OK, Mr Brumby, you just plain suck. Go away please.



  1. I was actually going to mention him, but losing all my entries meant I’d have to explain what I was talking about instead of linking to it, and that would have been a tangent, and tangents are bad! And I kind of couldn’t be bothered. I’m sure he’ll forgive me, though 😛

  2. i know someone else who is probably not happy


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