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Monthly Archives: April 2008

I’ve been feeling good for the last couple of evenings. Can’t say much about the part of the day which comes before the evenings, but just recently, I’ve just been feeling overwhelmingly satisfied with a job well done at, hmm, let’s call it 7pm each night. For years now, I have been left concerned about my credentials as a caring and responsible, if slightly domineering, elder sister. I have tried, time and time again, to prevent her from turning her brain to mush through her abuse of one of the great plagues on our society. I have used every argument at my disposal, and every trick in the book when those arguments didn’t work, but nothing could stop her. She mushed on. But, at last, I have discovered the way to get her back on the path of the straight and narrow.

I simply haven’t let her know that Big Brother 8 actually started on Monday.


So, this is the new blog.

It may be in the exact same place as the old one, it may have the same author, and it may end up seeming very similar. Rest assured, it is not the same. When attempting to upgrade my blog yesterday, I was defeated by a single line left in the wp-config.php file despite its uselessness and potentially blog-destroying capabilities. I did have a backup, but phpMyAdmin didn’t like my backup, and since I’d just wiped the database anyway I decided it’d be simpler to start over. Saddening and very probably traumatising, yes, but what else was I going to do? Order phpMyAdmin to stop being buggy? You know how well that’s going to work? Not well, let me tell you that much.

Perhaps I should take this as an opportunity to change how I blog, just as I resolved at the New Year, but right now I’m feeling too demoralised to attempt such a rethink. I guess we’ll see how things end up.